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Bringing you victory on Election Day

As of Spring 2022, our team has helped elect 12 Representatives to public office. We offer a wide range of comprehensive campaign management services to Democratic, progressive, and independent candidates.

We want to help you amplify your vision and ensure your campaign is empowered with the most up to date tactics and trends in order to be successful. We’ll build you a personalized package of services depending on your campaign's specific needs. Schedule a free consultation with us today to learn more about our team and all of the ways we can work together to win. Let us help bring you victory on Election Day!

Campaign Management: Services
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Comprehensive Campaign Management Services

  • Years of Competitive and Strategic Intelligence from multiple winning campaigns

  • Candidate and Campaign Trainings​

  • Candidate Brand Development and Management

  • Strategic Communications, Messaging, Speech Writing, and Scripting

  • Crisis Management and Media Relations

  • Data Acquisition, Analysis, and Targeting

  • Political Field Organizing Strategies

  • Relational Organizing Strategies

  • Digital Strategy and Social Media Management

  • Government and Community Relations

  • Polling and Public Opinion Data

  • Vulnerability and Opposition Research

  • Event Planning

  • Fundraising and Budget Management

  • Paid Media Advertising

  • Policy Advisory Services

  • Vendor Management

  • Print Materials and Direct Mail

  • Web and Graphic Design

  • Photography and Videography

  • Post Election Reputation Management

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