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Amanda Harris (she, her)

Founder and Managing Partner

Balclutha Consulting

Dallas, Texas

Amanda has a passion for fostering solutions through direct community engagement and believes in taking bold actions to achieve the changes needed to thrive. She worked in communications for the Executive Office of a Fortune 500 company for several years. In 2020, Amanda changed careers to lead Democratic political campaigns across Texas. As of Spring 2022, she has helped elect 12 Representatives to public office, including through her work with the Biden-Harris campaign.

Amanda was elected as the first Union Representative for the Texas Democratic Party. She is dedicated to service and has raised over a million dollars for non-profit causes. Her work ultimately led her to founding Balclutha Consulting, where she leads a team of experienced Consultants, managing a wide range of projects for progressive political campaigns, humanitarian non-profits, and corporations. 

“We achieve more when we work together. I want to help you make a greater impact through your project. I am passionate about amplifying strengths and implementing creative solutions to make a difference."

Amanda is available for speaking appearances and management consulting projects. Get in touch to hire Amanda and Balclutha today.

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I worked a few odds and ends jobs as a teenager, but my first steady job was at Moonies Burger House in Austin, Texas during my senior year of high school. We all start somewhere. I started by flipping burgers.


When I am not spending time with my family and pets, I enjoy collecting vintage clothes and traveling. I love the outdoors. You can usually find me paddling on the water, playing disc golf, or just smelling the flowers.


I have no regrets choosing Dallas as my home, but I love traveling to the west coast or to the mountains. I'd like to return to San Francisco and Denver again.


Servant Leadership - I'm passionate about learning everything I can about a person or project to find what specific support they need to be successful.

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Amanda ensures she is delivering the best quality every time.


Amanda approached each challenge with a high degree of professionalism and resolve.


I want to praise Amanda for her diligence and focus on my problem.


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Standing Meeting

Jane McAlevey

“Progressive social change cannot be made without a LEADERSHIP ready to take risks.”

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Founder and Managing Partner of Balclutha Consulting

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Amanda Harris is from Dallas, Texas and has lived across America. Her father served in the United States Air Force and then the transportation industry, which both moved her family around the country. This allowed her to see the many sides of America and develop an understanding of the wide variety of challenges we face. She believes in our potential to do better by each other when we work together as a community. 

Amanda graduated cum laude from the University of North Texas with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science & Peace Studies, where she was a member of the Pi Sigma Alpha Honor Society. Her studies focused on conflict resolution, non-violent collective action, and international human rights. 

"I provide a bold vision that understands the intersection of business, politics, and community organizing." 

Amanda began her career at Southwest Airlines, becoming an Executive Office Liaison, where she handled communications related to regulatory compliance for senior leadership. She ultimately worked in executive communications for several years, successfully rebranded multiple organizations, and became a Guest Lecturer on Hospitality at the University of North Texas at Dallas School of Business. 

In 2020, Amanda changed careers to work on Democratic campaigns. She was a Texas State Organizer for the Pete Buttigieg campaign before joining the Joe Biden for President campaign.  Amanda was elected as the first Union Representative for the Texas Democratic Party to represent 57 campaign employees with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, where she negotiated a flagship Collective Bargaining Agreement and served on the Joint Labor Management Committee to implement the statewide organizing program for the 2020 Presidential Coordinated Campaign in Texas.

She continued working with the 59th Presidential Inaugural Committee and served as a Board Member of the East Dallas County Democrats. Amanda become a statewide Campaign Manager for several local City Council elections across Texas and, as of Spring 2022, has helped elect 12 Representatives to public office. 

"I am dedicated to building positive spaces and making a difference in people's lives. My consulting services currently focus on executive management and organizational development for projects that advance progressive, humanitarian causes. I want to help make your vision a reality."

Amanda is a trusted, energetic leader and has developed proven strategies for managing large, diverse teams. She has hosted over 500 community events, raised over a million dollars for advocacy causes, and been a part of successful campaigns in every level of government. She brings bold insight to any project.

Amanda Harris is available for speaking engagements virtually or in the continental United States. Amanda and the Balclutha Team offer a full range of comprehensive strategy consulting services. We are happy to speak with you further to find ways that we can help your project make an exponential impact. 

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Interviews and Speaking Engagements

Amanda Harris has spoken publicly on many topics and is available for speaking engagements. Please contact us if you're interested in hiring Amanda to speak to your organization or at your event.

VICE, March 16, 2021


Hosted public panels and fundraisers with 2020 Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg, the Biden-Harris Presidential Campaign, and 59th Presidential Inaugural Committee

WFAA News, February 7, 2020


University of North Texas at Dallas School of Business, 2019

Contact us for more information about requesting a speaking appearance from Amanda Harris here.

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Amanda: About


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