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Balclutha Consulting was founded in Dallas, Texas in 2021 and offers comprehensive strategy consulting services. Balclutha comes from the name of a ship that is currently in the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park. Before becoming a national monument, the ship was owned by a relative of our firm's founder. We chose the same name for our own business because it instills the values we hold most dearly in our strategies: community, perseverance, and prosperity.

Balclutha Consulting's mission is to help you reach all of your potential by bringing the most advanced strategies and competitive intelligence to the projects that are working to make a difference across the world. We stay on top of the most important issues, trends, and techniques happening now so that you can trust your dreams won’t be left behind. We know that fulfilling a vision requires care, innovation, and insight. We have the experience to advise on any strategic needs you may encounter, whether you are a political campaign, non-profit organization, or corporation. 

We have a wealth of experience across multiple industries including with U.S. Presidential Campaigns, Fortune 500 companies, and some of the most impactful non-profit organizations working to make a difference in peoples’ lives. Our Consultants have managed projects on every level and, as of Spring 2022, elected 12 Representatives to public office. 

We keep your project ahead of the ever-changing tide of current affairs. The political landscape, community discourse, and 24-hour news cycle affect every project in different ways. No matter the climate, you can trust that we have the strategies and solutions to move your project forward and lead you to success. 

We look forward to finding ways that we can make your vision a reality. Let us make your impact exponential.

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Comprehensive Strategy Services

Political Campaigns - Community Outreach - Project Management

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